Navigating between pages and sections

On the main Homepage you will find all the information you need for your selected location. You can switch between Radar, Graphs and Calendar views using the Tab Navigation bar

You also have easy access for other sections such as Rainfall, Observation History and Marine, Tides and Moon

in the Shortcuts panel.

The other sections all have their own menu item if you go via the Menu link.

You will also find National Weather pages under the Main Menu, including National Radar & Satellite, Synoptic Charts and Weather News.

Changing Locations

You can change your Local Weather location by tapping on the location name at the top of the screen. By default your location is set automatically based on your device's current location, though it can also be manually changed.

Touching the location at the top of your screen will show a search field and a list of all your recently viewed locations.

The first location on this list will always be your current device location.

You can search for a new location, reorder recently viewed locations and remove locations from your recently viewed list. To reorder locations just hold and drag. To delete, slide the location from the right to reveal the delete button.